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  • I have worked with Rahul Walia and the team at Touchdown Media for almost 8 years. During that time, I have come to consider them as 'my team' because of the commitment and dedication

    Yash Raj Films

  • It has been my experience that many people are 'idea' people and can paint a rosy picture. Far more rare are those people who can execute. Touchdown Media executes.

    Echostar Communications LLC

  • Touchdown has always been very professional, very pro-active and very creative in implementing grassroots programs for us.

    Western Union

  • We are on the threshold of making the House of Spices brand a household name and feel that Touchdown Media fit the bill perfectly. 'Made Fresh. Made Pure.

    House of Spices

  • I have worked with Rahul in different campaigns targeting the South Asian community in the United States.

    Echostar Satellite, LLC

Grassroots / Events Division

In an age where the digital world has seemingly overloaded our consumer’s today, we also provide you, the client, with a guerrilla approach to marketing and put you in front of the consumer-at-large to facilitate impulse purchases for immediate ROI. We retain the expertise, infrastructure, and manpower to develop and deliver a nationwide ground marketing campaign. We are able to negotiate coverage for the client at popular mainstream concerts and events, and manage their presence at such events with the help of a strong, enthusiastic, and well-developed team of over 100 people across the US.

  • Touchdown Media is the only South Asian advertising firm with the ability to develop and deliver a nationwide Grassroots Campaign. We retain the expertise, infrastructure and experience to promote a client’s business by interactively dealing with customers face-to-face.
  • Our core strengths lie in researching, identifying and executing campaigns through components such as Street Marketing, Booth Management etc. at various South Asian touch-points on a national scale.
  • Due to our deep penetration within the market, we are the only agency to have an ongoing relationship with over 100 cultural organizations nationwide, enabling us access to the events that connect with targeted audiences while forming a community bond.
  • Guerrilla tactics and spontaneous promotions always surprise customers and grab their attention. The nationwide street marketing team comprises young and dynamic brand representatives whose contagious enthusiasm builds a rapport between the brand and the customer.
  • Our event “The MetLife South Asian Spelling Bee’ serves as a perfect example of our proficiency in developing an exclusive event that integrates the needs of the client and unites them with a unique property, disassociating them from competitor clutter.