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Kawan Foods

About This Project

What did we do?

For the past 12 years, we have handled the promotion and marketing for Kawan products across the US. Apart from traditional media outreach, Kawan has worked closely with us to develop innovative programs that engage the target demographic. Kawan has partnered with the South Asian Spelling Bee to bring “Meet the Spellers” segments on TV. These segments introduce top spellers of the season, so the audiences can get to know them beyond their spelling prowess. Kawan has partnered with Star TV to bring the cutting-edge food/reality show- Kawan Kitchenmate, where celebrity foodie Kunal Lamba visits South Asian Households and using leftovers from their fridge, make new and exciting dishes enjoyed by all in the household. During the process, we also get to know the family.


Kawan is undoubtedly the leader in Roti/Paratha food segment and despite growing competition, still the number one choice for customers at a premium price point.

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