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About Touchdown Media

Touchdown Media is a full-service multicultural advertising and promotions firm that specializes in delivering thought leadership backed by turnkey solutions. We are the first name in multicultural marketing when it comes to targeting the South Asian demographic in the US, Canada, and the UK. We recognize the buying strength of this rapidly growing community and enable companies from neighborhood businesses to global corporations in reaching out to this lucrative demographic.

Our Core Competencies

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Full-Service Agency

Full-service agency that will strategize and deliver execution based on cultural insights of the target demographic and requirements of your company.

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Agency of Choice

‘Agency of Choice’ for new entrants in the United States market.


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Partner Agency of Choice

‘Partner Agency of Choice’ for mainstream agencies looking to target the South Asian demographic for their clients.

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Building Fresh, Focused Campaigns

Can work within existing framework to enhance penetration into South Asian market, or more effectively, can build out a fresh and focused campaign.

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Creating ROI-Focused Plans

Creating ROI-focused media and marketing plans to penetrate into the South Asian market.

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South Asian Media Connections

Excellent relations with the South Asian media.


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Deliver Nationwide Campaigns

Expertise, infrastructure and manpower to develop and deliver a comprehensive nationwide campaign.

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Market Credibility

Stellar market credibility with vendors and clients.



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